White-Tail Hunts

 All white-tail hunts will be guided. You may hunt in a high fenced managed deer area, (3000 acres) as well as low fenced areas up to 4000 acres.

You will be provided with lodging in hunters cabins and prepare your own meals, or we will book a motel in the area, that is reasonably priced for you.

Guide fees will be 150.00 per day. Under some circumstances the guide fee will be waived. We will field dress your deer, if you desire, and will provide transportation to the processor if necessary.

Our white-tail hunts begin at 1000.00 for a cull buck and doe, to 5500.00 for a 150-160 class buck and doe. Please call for pricing.

Please remember, animal wounded or injured, not found will be deemed as harvested. You will be required pay for the animal. We will do our best to recover your animal. Practice your marksmanship before you hunt.   



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