Red Deer Hunts

We began in 1989 with our first Red Deer.  After a couple of trips to New Zealand, I decided to import embryos from two of the top English Stags.  Now, the top stags score as much and more than Elk.  Our herd base is now similar to the New Zealanders.  We have the Warnham Park and Worburn Abbey English Park bloodlines.  We will offer some Texas Stags at management prices.  We will offer breeding stock from time to time, and we are now changing our herd with new A.I. stags.

This is Huneric.  We have several of his offspring here on our ranch.  We brought in semen and our artificial insemination program has been a great success.  He scores over 500 at 3 years old.

This is Hannibal, who at 5 scored over 500.  We also have several of his offspring on our ranch.

Enjoy some video of our Red Stags during the rut!




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